Wondering how you want your child to be like? Here’s the answer

Does one really have any control over where he or she takes birth? Similarly a person has no control about how she is going to look. Birth and looks is completely god gifted but what really makes a difference is the real inner quality of a person. How you grow yourself is what matters. The values that you carry are considered to be your real asset. Lazar Rinat is one such person who has always valued humanity and basic human values more than whatever materialistic possessions she has.

Her beliefs:

Born in Israel Rinat Lazar is a woman of substance. That is the reason people love her. Be it from high school where she studied or from the city where she stays currently people love to get associated with her. It is known that people loves to talk to her and listen to her ideologies. Logic is what she believes in, however that really does not mean she does not believe in emotions. She always keeps a right balance in her personal life.

What friends have to say?

Her friends often say whoever is in close connection with her gets enriched with knowledge and thoughts that help a person to grow as a human being. Even though she is not a star, she has a huge fan following in social Medias. Her friend base is huge and is mostly from her schools, colleges and the place where she lives.

Educational background:

went to Amal Nahariya High School and graduated in the year 1990. She lives in Nahariya, Israel. Ms. Rinat is a perfect example that teaches today’s generation, how a simple lady from a very simple background can touch the hearts of hundreds. And for doing so you absolutely do not need to be a star.

Ms. Rinat has closely influenced every person who has been in her life, though for short term or for long term, it never really mattered. The lovely lady with a charming smile has always surprised people with her in-depth understanding and maturity. Rinat Lazar is a burning example about what today’s generation should follow and what they should try to be.